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About Us

SQUATCH METALWORKS is based out of Blue Lake, California. We specialize in the design and manufacture of metal art gifts inspired by Bigfoot, Pacific Northwest destinations, nature and the outdoors.

Pacific Northwest and Bigfoot Gifts

Our line of magnets and keychain bottle openers are laser cut and hand finished, DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED IN THE USA. Our stainless-steel keychain products are stone tumbled for a weathered, distressed matte finish. These keychains are indestructible, each adorned with either a SQUATCH branded split-ring or SQUATCH branded carabiner.

Our magnets are also laser cut, stone tumbled and treated to give an interesting patina finish, finally they are coated with an automotive clear-coat. Each piece is a unique piece of art. Our metal art statues are laser cut from 18 gauge stainless steel and hand ground for a brushed finish effect. These are shipped flat for the customer to easily deploy by simply making one bend.

Shot glasses, Custom Metal Work, and more!

Our Bigfoot line of shot glasses have been extensively tested by the quality control team at SQUATCH METALWORKS. Testing has shown these shot glasses to be acutely functional bigfoot swag. If, somehow you do not find what you like in our line we are happy to do custom work, some of our custom magnet and keychain products have become best-selling items in destination giftshops throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. If it is steel and cut with a laser, we can do that.

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